snekgame bump

I’ve pulled the repository I had online because I couldn’t get it to push my commits. I was trying to move too fast and not quite ready to maintain the Git-side of the project. That said, I’m happy enough the structure and design to continue working it without scope creep. I mean it was a solid blitz and yeah I burned out hard. Since then I’ve hit that reset though, keyed that password in. Second push is gonna be freakin’ sweet.

I’ve put a 2nd-pass to my scripts. That’s kinda how I work, I usually have a prototype, and then I’ll come back and say “this should have been recursive.” I’m gonna be pushing it back up to a fresh repo tomorrow night with some more finalized scripts. It’s a shame to lose that progress, so I’ll be including redundant prototype scripts where they exist.

Considering I was an emotional wreck when I made it, that’s probably a good thing though. Pretty much a hundo-certain there was a big fat pile o’ shameful self-deprecation in there but hey whatever. Insecurity gets the best of me. No fear!

It was my first attempt at feature branching: I broke something in a bad way moving too fast in too many directions to maintain a workflow properly. I’m there with Unity, I’m working on the version control now. That might seem backwards, but why learn version control for bad scripts? They’re in a pile labeled “bad scripts.” SVC would have have hampered, not augmented, my rapid development. Learning so fast it made more sense to just burn the field and sow it every which way to see what works.

You learn version control after c++ because you have nothing worth controlling. I was picking up SVC just barely a couple months ago because that’s when I crossed a confidence threshold that I had stuff I wanted to organize onto it. I was using SourceTree and Hg, and it was terrible, and I was learning nothing using GUI’s. I’m using Git Bash to push my commits and taking my time doing it.

Trade you one hot mess to pick through for a different one. It’s driven by a couple embedded 3D vector-PID’s.
Check out clips of it in action here, though they’re outdated.
I was definitely getting ahead of myself. But I learned from it. I had moments of delusion where I thought these projects might become games; but I always remembered to keep it academic so I gained from each collapse point.

My focus is now on making snekgame presentable. My intention is to post the whole project publicly by the end of next week as an example of my work; with markup good enough for anybody to follow it. It’s going to be a lot of removing stuff, word choice, and documentation.

Time is the only thing I wish was mine …
… Engineering is the art of functional design.


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