snekgame bump


I was on schedule to be wrapping up around yesterday. I got the idea I wanted to dig out some more old scripts I made while learning Unity. At the time, I was honestly a bit intimidated by how much I was picking up: so I didn’t bother exporting packages.

That was my #1 mistake learning Unity. If you build an encapsulated system, export it as a package and create a dedicated project for it to save the project’s prefab and hierarchy configuration. If your version-control doesn’t already account for it. I know I struggled to organize everything needed to make a video game alone, anyway.

If you are out there learning like I did alone: your systems will become more robust- you’ll find ways to minimize the amount of prefab configuration involved in how they work. But right now, it just isn’t worth your time. If you want to make 3D games, focus on mastering the use of vector math and linear algebra first.

Giving myself the weekend + Monday to finish my first game, so I can take a break Tuesday and collect some other art into a portfolio.

A funny pitfall is having too many backups. I find myself sifting through a pile with too many nested duplicates, made out of paranoia that I’d lose useful fragments. The thing about that is you can’t leverage them until they’re organized.

Meandering thoughts, gameplay is in. Just need to bang out a simple XML parser for stage and save data, and drop my menu-lith in as the keystone tying it all into a loop now.

See you in three 😉 spent a lot of time cleaning up yesterday.



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