I’ve been busy looking for a better job, so I haven’t had much time to work in Blender. On a personal note I find it difficult to focus on my artwork without the security of a paying job.


I’m getting pretty decent at solid surface low poly modeling. Unfortunately, when I made this model I did not consider that its quads should be planar. It just didn’t look very good when I tested shading it as a result. It may have been possible to adjust the shader, but really these faces are metal panels and shouldn’t have triangle folds at all.

So I adjusted the model to make the body panel quads more planar, and was able to settle on a work flow to achieve that. The problem with doing this is that making each face planar disturbs its neighbors, so one must step through all the faces in a linear fashion manually correcting each.


Unfortunately, these results aren’t quite close enough to a “solve” – or state where all the faces are planar, for Blender’s iterative “Make Planar Faces” function to work. While this model would still be usable, if a model requires planar quads it’s probably best to make each quad planar as you build the model. I have discovered that if you do this, you can produce a perfect result.

I’m still just winging it and should probably read about solid surface modeling, but I’m going to take another whack at this design today with what I have learned in mind.


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